SheaFlax Cream
SheaFlax Cream

SheaFlax Cream

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Moisturizes and enhances your natural curls, while rejuvenating your skin!

Sheaflax Cream is designed for both your hair and skin needs. Just as its name indicates, this cream contains flax seed gel which is a great natural ingredient for nourishing hair, scalp and skin. This cream also hydrates, moisturizes and gives a long lasting glow to the skin and a healthy natural shine to your hair. If you have problems with over dryness and cracks on your feet, SheaFlax would greatly help.

SheaFlax should be stored in the fridge because at cold temperatures the cream is effectively absorbed into the hair cuticles, which locks in the cream to give your hair that desired glow.

All Natural Ingredients:

Flaxseed gel; Herbal teas; Coconut oil; Naturally Derived Stearic Acid, E-wax, Cetyl Alcohol; Shea Butter; Olive oil; Grape Seed oil; Sesame oil; Avocado oil; Glycerine; Honey; Aloe Vera Juice; Natural Preservatives; Colored with Beet Root powder; Essential Oils (Scenting)

We created this Natural formula for use on hair and skin. It helps moisturize natural hair and gives a more defined curl for people with type 3 and type 4 hair.

We use East African Shea Butter from Uganda.

East African Shea Butter is unique among all other shea butters because it has a higher olien oil content when compared to West African shea butter. This means that the East African Shea is softer, lighter and creamier, and has a lower melting point which makes it easier to absorb into the skin; it is even richer in Vitamins A and E. This natural product is specially designed for people with natural hair but can be used by those with chemically treated hair with no fear of damage. All our products use naturally derived ingredients.